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What is KRION?

KRION (solid surface) is a state-of-the-art, uniform and non-porous material, consisting of resin and aluminium trivalent mineral.

This stone-like material can be cut and joined to form a single, uninterrupted surface. This gives you the ability to create unique shapes that are unattainable with any other material. Thermoforming can also produce curved shapes.

KRION’s products are designed for a wide range of subjects: hotels, bars, lounges, restaurants and personal projects.

In addition, KRION is an ideal material for medical institutions. Thanks to its 0% absorption and natural anti-bacterial protection, it can also be used in operating rooms.

KRION’s projects have also created spectacular construction facades with various shapes.

What are KRION’s advantages?

  • Antibacterial (Due to the absence of pores)
  • Repairable
  • High chemical resistance
  • Color variety
  • Fire resistant
  • It does not stain

Thanks to the flexibility of shapes and colors, KRION makes your ideas become reality.