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Cuisine tapes

The Noken kitchen faucet is designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

The variety of the design, features single-level mixers with removable handgrips, spray-operated faucets to clean and prepare your food in a simple way or with high dispensers that provide greater convenience and flexibility among the many variants included in the catalog for Noken kitchen faucets.

Each kitchen is endowed with a shape and style that reflects both the way of life and the owners taste, and the creativity of the designers who have taken part in the design of the same. There are, therefore, kitchen faucets that fit into domestic use with minimalistic, classic, modern, round, square shapes… for this reason, we can count on a team of professionals always alert to the aesthetic and functional expressions of the market.

Noken give you a perfect blend of unique design and maximum functionality to fully integrate with your kitchen style.