Made from the composition of tiles, mosaics give dynamism and richness to the combination of different materials or fill the monotony of a single lining with strips or framing particular areas such as showers or washbasins.

It can also be the absolute protagonist of a particular environment, with its reflections and its shades.

The online mosaic collection offered by the Porcelanosa Group thanks to L’Antic Colonial is very wide. Stone Mosaics includes mosaic collections made from natural stones.

The Glass Mosaics collection combines the series of L’Antic Colonial made of glass, with mosaics made from recycled materials, translucent glass and gold.

While the Air collection features the Antique Colonial models made from ceramic, and Mix Mosaics combines the collections that combine natural stone tiles, glass and ceramic materials.

Steel, copper and nickel are the raw materials of the Metal Mosaics collection, created from a ceramic base on which a sheet containing these materials is adhered to, while the Ëood Mosaics includes mosaics made from natural wood available in various sizes and thicknesses.

In addition to mosaics on the net, the Porcelanosa Group offers a wide variety of collections that, while being ceramic and large, retain the look of mosaics made with small fragments arranged almost artisanally on the base.